The Technology and Law Program at MIT

The Technology and Law Program offers a cluster of graduate-level subjects associated with the Technology and Policy Program (TPP) at MIT, as well as research opportunities at the interface of law and technology. Professor Nicholas A. Ashford, director of the program, offers Environmental Law, Policy, and Economics, and Law, Technology, and Public Policy, a core subject in the Technology and Policy Program.

In addition, the subject "Technology, Globalization, and Sustainable Development," offered through both the School of Management and Engineering, explores the many dimensions of sustainability and the use of political and legal national, multinational, and international mechanisms to further sustainable development.

Research activities of the Technology and Law Program include the design and evaluation of policies intended to

  • encourage technological change through regulation, liability, and economic incentives that will help prevent global climate disruption, chemical accidents and pollution;
  • promote environmental justice by involving communities in governmental and corporate decisions that affect their health, safety, and environmental concerns; and
  • investigate sustainability, trade, and the environment.

Recent research is listed among Technology and Law publications, listed by subject area and chronologically by publication type.